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Miniature in teahouse theme | Decorate your own tea party

【 🍡🍵🐾 |TEA PARTY 】

Experience the mood-altering magic with a cup of hot tea, like My Home Cat does!

With the cute miniatures from Decole デコレ*, the tea party is ready to start!


1. Teapot (A)

2. Teapot (B)

3. Teahouse Signboard

4. Stove

5. Japanese Blinder with Bench

6. Japanese Tea

7. Japanese Dessert

8. Tatami

9. Hanami Dango

10. Chestnut rice

Decorate your own tea party with the adorable miniatures, then invite My Home Cat to join! We are sure they’d love to be your guest!

*Decole デコレ

A well-known zakka brand in Japan that creates miniatures, which gives inspiration to decoration all the time!


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