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每天都要過得開心好玩! 用可愛盲盒與場景小物粉飾家居就能輕鬆轉換好心情啦~

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Always protect yourself well with face mask on! 🛡

4 Series

3 for Adults and 1 for Kids (7-14 yr-old)

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📦 Ready and ship around mid July 2021


《Mask Specification》

ASTM F2100-19 LEVEL 3

Soft and comfortable earloop

ISO 14644 Ensure Cleanroom Standard

ISO 13485 Quality Management Systems

Non-Toxic Pigments, No Azo formaldehyde / other harmful substances

Made in Hong Kong

*The actual product may vary slightly from images shown.


Feel like we’re missing Japan too much.

My Home Cat have a great idea.

They will lead us to go sightseeing in their mini Japan, this way please!

Good Day Neko San!

Such a happy day to visit the traditional Blessing Torii.

Blessing Torii (125x65xH130mm)


Tokyo Olympics 2021 is nearing.

Though we can't be there in person, don't be disappointed!

As My Home Cat is ready to bring you the mini version of an awards ceremony.

Ready? Let us all applaud as a mark of thanks and respect for every athletes!

Winners Podium (100x30xH18mm)

- Set Up a Mini Ceremony at Home -

It’s My Home Cat’s pleasure to introduce you Hachikō, the loyal Japanese Akita dog!

Hachikō’s love is so great and remarkable that he continued to wait for his owner at Shibuya Station over 9 years following the owner’s death.

Hachiko the Loyal Dog (30x35xH70mm)

- Visit Mini Hachiko Statue -


Decole デコレ is a well-known zakka brand in Japan that creates miniatures, which gives inspiration to decoration all the time!