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Launching Mr. White Cloud Mini Series 3 - Fluffy Cafe[2018.08.24]

【Now Available On Webshop | Mini Series 3 - Fluffy Cafe】 Fluffy Café shares precious and sweet moments with you 24/7 ☁💖 Cloud-like Cappuccino☕, magical bouncy pudding🍮, fluffy Soufflé pancakes🍴 And the alluring Mr. White Cloud Cookies…. It seems like we all have to spend a whole day here to try all these adorable desserts!🤤

【白雲先生迷你系列3 - 雲朵咖啡店 | 現已推出】 雲朵咖啡店全年無休,和你共享甜蜜暖心時刻☁💖 雲朵般輕飄飄的泡沫咖啡☕、動L動L的布甸🍮、鬆軟輕盈的梳乎厘鬆餅🍴 還有讓人想一口吃掉的白雲先生曲奇餅⋯ 看來要一日三餐都光顧,才能嚐遍各種可愛餐點呢!🤤



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