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Launch of the Full Series of MY HOME CAT Assortment Boxes at FamilyMart!

Updated: Feb 22

All three series of My Home Cat blind boxes are now hitting selected FamilyMart in Japan!

  • Series 1 features cats with tails perked up.

  • Series 2 showcases cats sitting adorably.

  • Series 3 captures cats in grooming poses

Filled with two charming cats from each series, these assortment boxes will be exclusively available at FamilyMart, starting from February 7, 2024, Wednesday.

Each series includes 13 varieties (12 regular + 1 secret). The fun part is discovering which designs you've got upon opening.

Don't miss out on the unique packaging of the limited edition assortment box available at a FamilyMart near you.

※Stock is limited and will not be replenished once sold out. We appreciate your understanding if they are no longer available.

※Please refrain from contacting stores directly for inquiries.

※Note that product launches, specifications, and availability are subject to change, postponement, or cancellation.


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