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Fluffy House x LOG-ON Kidult's Park Pop-up Event [2018.07.26]

#收到風】白雲先生嚟咗沙田LOG-ON探彩虹妹妹班喎🌈 唔知白雲先生會唔會論盡到整跌哂貨架上面啲公仔呢🌝 快啲過嚟同第一次做暑期工嘅佢地影張相啦!🤳🏻

唔夠喉嘅話,可以去埋又一城搵cool cool嘅灰雲先生🕶 仲有喺葵芳新都會「等一舊雲咖啡」嘅白雲先生同搗蛋兔呀☁☕

【Mr. White Cloud & Miss Rainbow are working at New Town Plaza LOG-ON!】 Don’t let the clumsy White Cloud trips over and falls on the rack XD Wanna take some photos of the products? Mr. White Cloud and Miss Rainbow will probably photobomb your pictures😂

📷More photo-taking spots: You may find Mr. Gray Cloud in Festival Walk 🕶 Mr. White Cloud and Naughty Rabbit are waiting for you with a nice coffee in Metroplaza!☕


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