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Come join us for a heartwarming and fluffy holiday celebration at Island Place!

Embrace the festive spirit with Mr. White Cloud & Friends for a "Fluffy Christmas" that you won't forget. From adorable Christmas-themed decorations to exciting activities, there's joy for all ages!  Spend over $1000 at any stores and treat yourself to a super lovely Christmas Miss Rainbow Pouch – it's the cutest way to add a dash of color to your day!  And you'll also receive a $50 coupon to make your shopping spree even more joyous!  Let's brighten up your Christmas with a little extra fun and color at Island Place! Let's make merry memories with the White Cloud family together! Period:  29 Nov-24 Dec 2023

Location: Island Place - 51 Tanner Road, North Point, Hong Kong


我哋準備咗好多可愛既聖誕裝飾比大家映相!仲有聖誕限定禮品換購㗎 記得2023年11月29日至12月24日,嚟一起創造美好嘅聖誕回憶啦!現時在商場任何商店消費滿$1000,就可以帶走超可愛的聖誕彩虹妹妹小錢包,為你的日常增添一抹繽紛色彩! 而且還還能獲得一張指定商戶$50消費券! 今年聖誕,就讓港運城給您帶來更多樂趣和節日色彩!

日期: 2023年11月29日至12月24日

地點: 港運城-香港北角丹拿道51-61號


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