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Enjoy 30% OFF on Miniatures and Blindboxes with DISCOUNT CODE

Limited Time Offer!

Discount Code:【SUMMER2021】


Live a joyful life with cute little things, such as Miniatures and Blind Boxes! Enter the discount code【 SUMMER2021 】to enjoy 30% off for all Miniatures and Blind Boxes, even the new ones!

每天都要過得開心好玩! 用可愛盲盒與場景小物粉飾家居就能輕鬆轉換好心情啦~

輸入限時優惠碼【 SUMMER2021 】即享盲盒與場景小物7折優惠喔!新品適用!

【 Miniature & Blind Box Sale 】 ENJOY 30% OFF!* w/ Discount code : SUMMER2021 Date 日期 : 06/08-13/08/2021 23:59 (HK GMT+8)

* On Selected Items Only,限時優惠只適用於是次活動指定商品

【 Promo code : SUMMER2021 】

============================================= *Apply promo/ discount code: Checkout > Summary > Discount code. If the code applied successfully, offer should appear in the order charge breakdown in your cart. ============================================= *優惠碼可於Checkout後Summary內Discount code一欄填寫。相關優惠必須於填寫優惠碼後方可獲得,成功取得後,優惠將於購物車項目明細中顯示,恕不設補領。 =============================================


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