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#收到風】白雲先生嚟咗沙田LOG-ON探彩虹妹妹班喎🌈 唔知白雲先生會唔會論盡到整跌哂貨架上面啲公仔呢🌝 快啲過嚟同第一次做暑期工嘅佢地影張相啦!🤳🏻

唔夠喉嘅話,可以去埋又一城搵cool cool嘅灰雲先生🕶 仲有喺葵芳新都會「等一舊雲咖啡」嘅白雲先生同搗蛋兔呀☁☕

【Mr. White Cloud & Miss Rainbow are working at New Town Plaza LOG-ON!】 Don’t let the clumsy White Cloud trips over and falls on the rack XD Wanna take some photos of the products? Mr. White Cloud and Miss Rainbow will probably photobomb your pictures😂

📷More photo-taking spots: You may find Mr. Gray Cloud in Festival Walk 🕶 Mr. White Cloud and Naughty Rabbit are waiting for you with a nice coffee in Metroplaza!☕

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【Fluffy House x Sogno Café+】We Eat What We Dream 2018 ☁



Sogno Café+換上全新藍灰色咖啡店主題💙 清新淺藍配上柔和淺灰,冰涼感十足😆


場內仲有多個打卡位🤳🏻 鍾意白雲家族嘅朋友,點可以錯過呀😆? 雞仔靜靜雞話你知🐣,惠顧仲有機會得到白雲家族限定Tote Bag呢🤩

提提大家,今次活動的餐點只會在以下時段供應: Mon - Wed : 14:00 - 18:00 Thu - Fri : 14:00 - 22:00 Sat : 12:00 - 22:00 Sun : 13:30 - 22:00

Sogno Café+ 中環威靈頓街97號威利大廈2樓D室 電話:2757-9878

Tote Bag換領詳情: 單筆消費滿$250,並點選一款Fluffy House食品,將獲贈價值$68雲家族Tote Bag

【Fluffy House x Sogno Café+】We Eat What We Dream 2018 ☁

It’s Happy Summer Time~🌞 The White Cloud Family wishes you a healing, cooling and fulfilling Summer! With a brand new blue-grey café theme, Sogno Café+ definitely gives you a breath of fresh air💙

The White Cloud Barista and Sogno Chefs are making delicious and creative cuisines for you!

There will be lots of photo-taking spots too! Don’t miss out the chance to meet all the lovely Fluffy House characters at Sogno Cafe+ What's more!? You may go home with the Exclusive Fluffy House x Sogno Cafe+ tote bag!😍

Fluffy House Special Menu is available during: Mon - Wed : 14:00 - 18:00 Thu - Fri : 14:00 - 22:00 Sat : 12:00 - 22:00 Sun : 13:30 - 22:00

Sogno Cafe+ Flat 2D, 2/F Welley Building, 97 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong Tel :2757-9878

How to get the tote bag: Spending over $250 per transaction with at least one Fluffy House special cuisine.

#fluffyhouse #sognocafe #WeEatWhatWeDream #cafe #hongkong#missrainbow #mrwhitecloud #fluffyhousehk #summer #dessert #cake#cooling #healing #tgif #weekend

【LOG-ON限定 | Rainbow Style -誰穿了白雲先生的衣服 即將推出啦】

歡迎光臨! 咦~彩虹妹妹身上有白雲先生嘅影子嘅? 原來佢着咗哥哥件衫! 7月19日起,就可以係LOG-ON搵到白雲先生look嘅彩虹妹妹小店員啦~🧡 快啲Mark實Schedule啦🤣

【LOG-ON Exclusive | Rainbow Style - In Brother’s Tee is Coming Soon】

Welcome to LOG-ON! What!? Is Miss Rainbow wearing Mr. White Cloud’s Tee😂? From 19 July, you could find Miss Rainbow in brother’s tee at LOG-ON stores! Don’t forget to mark the schedule and meet her in Hong Kong soon❤

更多產品資訊: Rainbow Style - 誰穿了白雲先生的衣服 (LOG-ON 限定) 小時候,彩虹妹妹總愛黏著白雲先生。她喜歡模仿哥哥,要跟他吃一樣的、喝一樣的,所以今次連穿的也要一樣!彩虹妹妹竟然穿上了白雲先生最愛的橙白間條Tee兄妹裝喔!還趁著暑假繫上小圍裙到LOG-ON當暑期工呢!她將會是一個元氣滿滿高度不夠的小店員,找她要向下望喔! 彩虹妹妹很期待在LOG-ON跟大家見面 😘💕

More Details: Rainbow Style - In Brother’s Tee (LOG-ON Exclusive) Back in childhood, little Miss Rainbow likes to imitate every moves of her brother. Whatever Mr. White Cloud ate or played, Miss Rainbow would follow XD This time, you can’t imagine that Miss Rainbow wears her brother’s favourite orange striped tee! What a lovely sibling style! She also puts on a LOG-ON working apron and becomes the cutest summer part-time salesperson at LOG-ON. Her spirit is high but she is not tall enough LOL! Keep your eye-level low when you are looking out for her! Can’t wait to see you all in LOG-ON 😘💕

Material: Vinyl, with Denim apron Size: 4 inch *With movable head, arms and wrists

#fluffyhouse #fluffyphoto #missrainbow #sibling #LOGON #LOGONhk#rainbowstyle #summer #arttoy #cute #warm

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