Mr. White Cloud & Friends

Mr. White Cloud & Friends ©2011 FLUFFY HOUSE CO., LTD.

Who loves daydreaming? Mr. White Cloud does!

The White Cloud Family is living in a simple and pure world. This is a world without country boundaries, races, languages and complicated issues. All you need to think is what to play today.

Here in this world, you can be whatever you dream to be. You can be an adventurer, a pilot, a cafe owner, or even a daydreamer! Everyone is like a little child with imagination and creativity set free!


May the story of Mr. White Cloud & Friends remind you of the carefree childhood days and the simple joy of playing under the bright blue sky.


Likes daydreaming and is full of imagination. 
Warmhearted and helpful. 
However, his help sometimes causes unintended troubles instead...

Mr. White Cloud


Innocent, cheerful but shy at times. 
Loves little animals. 
Creative and got great talent in art!

Miss Rainbow


Cautious, sincere, and responsible. 
Tends to feel angry about injustice!



Likes to take care of others. 
Keeps low profile and always contributes quietly. 
Tends to think too much and got upset sometimes.

Ordinary Bear


Optimistic, active and loyal to his friends. 
Good at bringing life to a party! 
Tend to indulge into games and forget about the work.

Little Raindrop


Love eat love sleep and love play :D

Nappy Bear


Mr. Gray Cloud is a mysterious figure who enjoy wondering around by himself and having some obsessive behavior of keeping thing clean and tidy.

Mr. Gray Cloud

Mr. Gray Cloud

Mr. Gray Cloud


Gray Rabbit

Gray Rabbit was discovered from a rubbish dump by Mr. Gray Cloud.  Loves wandering with Mr. Gray Cloud.


Blunt, loves performing and role-playing. 
Has lots of interests but none of it lasts long XD!



A bunch of white rabbits who love snacks and always mess things up. 
They are naughty sometimes but usually mean no harm. One of their favorite activities is to bother Mr. White Cloud.

Naughty Rabbit


A rich kid from the outer space. 
Wants to be independent but not capable to take care of himself. 
His body turns into gray colour when he is depressed.